It’s never easy choosing the perfect lip color. The best way to do so is by identifying the undertones in your skin. Keep reading to find out which colors are most flattering for you!

Cool Undertones
If you have cool undertones in your skin, then cool colored tones will suit you best. If your skin has any pink in it, if you burn easily in the sun, or if you can see blue veins in your skin then chances are you are in the cool undertone category. Choose lipstick colors that have a lot of blue or purple tones in them. Avoid reds that are too orangey and colors that are too light.

Ideal colors for you are, Raven, Beatrix, Tara, Jubilee, Lolly, Maeve, Monica

Warm Undertones
If you tan very easily, have yellow or olive tones in your skin, or if your veins look green, then it’s likely you fit in to warm undertones. Red and orangey colors will compliment your skin best. Look for corals and bronze shades too.

Ideal colors for you are, Lucille, Cora, Brienne, Prue, Anna, Rachel

There are some people who can pull off almost any color, these people usually have a neutral skin tone. If you’re one of those people who can wear any color top or pull off any hair color, well for starters, congrats! We’re all envious of you! You can wear any of the colors named above plus some others.

Other colors for you are, Piper, Hermione, Mr. Pink, Charlie, Elsa
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