With the rise in the awareness of animal cruelty, many people are choosing to go vegan.  So what is vegan?  It’s a avoiding animal by-products in your everyday life.  You may not realize it, but many of the ingredients used in your beauty products come from animals.  Many of those products were also tested on animals.  Lets break it down now with more details about the cosmetics you’re using.

Animal testing

Every day, around the world, people are using animals to test cosmetics.  I could go on and on about the horror stories these poor little furry friends face, but it’s too upsetting to get into in detail.  I’ll put it this way, the next time you put on your lipstick, remember that same lipstick was likely rubbed into an innocent animals eyes. 

Animal by-products

By going vegan, you will not be using dead animal by-products on your skin.  Some of the ingredients used from animals included, carmine (which comes from crushed beetles), lanolin (an oil which comes from sheep skin), and beeswax (which is produced by bees which are reportedly going extinct).

Healthy skin

Using vegan products is much better for sensitive skin.  Vegan products generally have fewer ingredients in them and when it comes to beauty, less is more.  Especially if you have sensitive skin, the fewer ingredients you use the better.  


Yes, vegan products can be more costly, but not too outrageous.  Some non-vegan high end lipsticks can range anywhere between $50 - $90 and that’s including the harsh chemicals and animal by-products.  Vegan lipsticks will still cost less than that without all the garbage and filler.  Wouldn’t you pay a little more for something that didn’t harm any animals in the making? Something that is also better for your skin overall?  Think about that.

Ultimately the decision of using vegan or non-vegan cosmetics is entirely up to you, but hopefully this helped give a little insight as to where your products come from.  

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